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2003-08-22 — The dictionary entry and the measurements page should now be correct for the conversion of microts to seconds.

A Nebari hermaphrodite or inter-sexed person, from the word, “androgynous.” Note: An “androgen” is actually a class of hormones, but the spelling is often seen in fandom. It is unknown whether Nebari androgynes are inter-sexed or true hermaphrodites or perhaps a third gender. From dialogue in Fractures, androgynes are deemed unfit and non-conformist, and are forcibly segregated from Nebari society. See Also: character Hubero, episode Fractures.
hour (approx.)
Aurora Chair
Mind-probing alien chair, used for forced interrogation, and capable of neurological (brain) damage of varying degrees, depending on duration.
chakkan oil
Oil produced from tannot root, to power PK pulse weapons.
year (approx.)
centimeter, inch (of distance) (approx.)
Worm-like creatures that perform dental hygiene. They secrete a minty aftertaste. Do not swallow them. It is unknown what would happen if one swallowed a live dentic. Fried dentic smells and tastes bad.
DRD, Diagnostic Repair Drone
Small maintenance robots aboard Moya. Unlike Moya, who is bio-mechanical, DRDs are entirely mechanical robots. About the size of a cat or small dog. They have dual lighted camera-antennae and multiple hide-away manipulator arms and tools. They communicate in electronic noises.
the meaning of this word is unclear, but seems to be an annoying, argumentative, stubborn, or foolish animal or person; perhaps a donkey or mule; or perhaps even an arse (ass) or a penis.
sh*t (vulgar slang)
the buttocks or (vulgar slang) the ass or arse;
fellip nectar
a beer-like nectar, probably alcoholic, possibly sweet; it is produced by or from fellip creatures, although the method is not stated;
filk, filk song
a song, often humorous, about science fiction; a general science fiction fan term from a typo for folk song;
f*** (vulgar slang)
f***er (vulgar slang)
an illegal addictive liquid that may be sniffed or tasted; it is produced from the glands of sentient beings, often fatally; { Source: 3.13 “Scratch ’N Sniff” }
Gammak Base
Military bases used for various purposes, such as R&D research and development. Gammak bases may be located on space stations, planets, moons, or planetoids. The meaning of the word gammak is unknown; perhaps it means research.
grunt, common soldier (military slang)
the starboard, or right-hand, side of a ship, opposite of the treblin side; { Source: John Quixote; }
heppel oil
an aphrodisiac oil secreted from a gland, used by Delos Concubines;
Hetch Drive
Hyperspace drive or engine, used for traveling faster than light.
hezmana, hez
laka root extract
an inhalant that distracts the user away from painful memories or preoccupying thoughts; apparently an addictive substance;
a sector, or perhaps something to do with map coordinates
kilometer, mile (of distance) (approx.)
second (of time) (approx.); in The Flax, Crichton says, “180 microts = 4 minutes;” therefore, 3 microts = 4 seconds;
testicles, bollocks (vulgar slang)
meter, yard (of distance) (approx.)
nally, nally-whipped
female genitals (vulgar slang); presumably related to nolly;
precious metal, perhaps an alloy of gold, silver, or platinum
Neural Implant Chip
Microchip implanted in the brain, used for forced information extraction. Exudes invasive, branching tendrils.
restroom, bathroom, loo (slang)
Short for non-commissioned officer, ranking below commissioned officers and enlisted officers. A sergeant or petty officer.
paraphoral nerve
A particular Sebacean nerve, fatal within arns if not repaired or replaced.
Soldiers lined up shoulder to shoulder, with their shields braced together and weapons at the ready. An offensive and defensive position to protect the troops while moving forward to quell a riot. From its usage by Roman and Greek troops. From the Greek for fingers.
PK Pulse Rifle
Peacekeeper rifle capable of energy (laser?) pulses, equipped with grenades and a collapsible bayonet knife.
PK Pulse Pistol
Peacekeeper handgun capable of energy (laser?) pulses.
approximately, bastard (vulgar slang);
Fighter spacecraft for one or two personnel.
Qualta Blade
Traditional Luxan broadsword and energy rifle.
queue [kyoo]
From French: queue [kö] ~ line or tail.
  1. 1. Hair worn in a single braid at the crown or nape, often as a mark of caste or age group. A Peacekeeper queue is worn by males or females at the nape of the neck, gathered in a short, stiff queue with a leather or metal band. Peacekeepers may also wear a crewcut or shave their heads bald. It is unknown whether civilian Sebaceans wear a queue.
  2. 2. An ordered line having a beginning or head and an end or tail. One queues up when one forms or enters a queue. One stands on queue. Enqueue: To enter the queue. Dequeue: To leave the queue. In American English, the term queue is rare. Instead, one lines up and stands in line.
a strong alcoholic beverage
rectangular coin, monetary value unknown, culture unknown;
To kidnap, especially for ransom or forced service as a sailor, soldier, slave, or prostitute. A coastal port city in China. From its common practice in that city by Chinese and British in the 18th and 19th centuries.
tannot root
Root vegetable, similar to a giant beet or turnip, used to produce chakkan oil.
trollop, floozy, tart, whore, loose woman
Translator Microbes
Symbiotic (and possibly synthetic) microorganisms that, when injected, do language translation. Apparently harmless, they colonize at the base of the brain.
the port, or left-hand, side of a ship, opposite of the hammond side; { Source: John Quixote; }
(?) to hurt, feel pain (slang?)
idiot, shmuck (slang)
Legendary Peacekeeper starship, disappeared over 150 cycles ago. Discovered destroyed. [EP.1.07]