Peacekeeper Ranks

Little is known about the Peacekeeper chain of command, ranking system, or procedures. They have a Central Command or Council. Little is known about their rank and regimental insignia.

Officers’ ranks are typically shown by a series of thin, curved metal bars or bends. They are stacked vertically and worn on either or both cuffs and/or left breast. Each rank has been mentioned in a Farscape episode, however, Trooper may be a general designation, not a rank. Captain Crais wears five bars in That Old Black Magic.

A series of square or diamond insignia may be substituted for the bars. Commander Javio of the Gammak Base wears three square insignia on his cuff, together with a leather epaulette with a leaf-like pattern on each shoulder. The squares have also been seen on a shoulder epaulette, apparently without the leaf-like pattern. The title commander could be a rank or a posiition. Ground forces (army or marines) may be a separate Peacekeeper service branch.

Peacekeeper ranks seem to translate like police officer’s ranks, and follow naval tradition with admirals and ship’s captains. Notably, a lieutenant appears to be directly below a captain in rank, as far as we have seen.

It is unclear whether the title commandant is a political or military position.

Research is needed to determine if any other ranks, particularly of non-commissioned officers or enlisted personnel have been mentioned. Also, research for clear images showing the number of bars worn by lieutenants, senior officers, officers, and sub-officers, e.g. Braca, Teeg, Larraq, Aeryn Sun, Xhalax Sun, Dacon.

Bar or bend rank pins are usually worn on the cuff.

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Bar or bend rank pins are seldom worn on the chest.

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Square or diamond rank pins on the shoulder epaulette.

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Square or diamond rank pins on the cuff, with a leaf-like pattern on the epaulette.

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Table: Peacekeeper Ranks

Both the bar-style and square-style insignia are usually silver, but may also be gold, typically on the red uniform. Perhaps silver is for the duty uniform and fatigues and gold is for the formal dress uniform.

Note: The square or diamond insignia with epaulettes may follow a different pattern. The examples shown are based on Cmdr. Javio’s insignia.

pk-rank-b7.png = Commandant; pk-rank-d7.png = Commandant;

7. Commandant

Presumably a title, rather than a rank. It is unknown whether a commandant is the supreme commander of all Peacekeepers.

pk-rank-b6.png = Admiral; pk-rank-d6.png = Admiral;

6. Admiral

No other flag officers’ ranks are mentioned.

pk-rank-b5.png = Captain or Commander; pk-rank-d5.png = Captain or Commander;

5. Captain or Commander

The highest line officer’s rank, a navy captain, approximately. Apparently, captains command ships, while commanders command bases.

pk-rank-b4.png = Lieutenant; pk-rank-d4.png = Lieutenant;

4. Lieutenant

For example, Lt. Teeg. Below captains, but in command of senior and junior officers. Apparently quite higher up in rank than a human naval or military lieutenant.

pk-rank-b3.png = Senior Officer; pk-rank-d3.png = Senior Officer;

3. Senior Officer

Aeryn Sun’s mother, Xhalax Sun, is termed this, apparently a rank.

pk-rank-b2.png = Officer; pk-rank-d2.png = Officer;

2. Officer

For example, Officer Aeryn Sun.

pk-rank-b1.png = Sub-Officer; pk-rank-d1.png = Sub-Officer;

1. Sub-Officer

For example, Sub-Officer Dacon. Presumably a non-commissioned officer, such as a sergeant or petty officer. Apparently a rank, no specifics are given.

pk-rank-b0.png = Trooper; pk-rank-d0.png = Trooper;

0. Trooper

Presumably an enlisted officer, such as a seaman, airman, corporal, or private. Apparently a rank, no specifics are given.

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