Peacekeeper Uniforms

Peacekeeper Uniform, Male Peacekeeper Uniform, Female Peacekeeper Uniform, Male Peacekeeper Uniform, Female Peacekeeper Uniform, Male Peacekeeper Uniform, Female

There are many different variants of the Peacekeeper (PK) uniform. These appear to depend on what task the PK is performing. The most common uniform appears to have a tunic and pants.

Variations in this style involve color blocks on the shoulders, chest, upper arm, and forearm, as well as piping along each of these areas. The distinction, whether rank, department, or otherwise, is unknown at present.

Captains wear scarlet red and black uniforms, or black with scarlet red piping. White piping has also been seen on a lieutenant or other officer, but its purpose is unknown. Other officers generally wear all black uniforms, but may wear red and black also. A bomber jacket; a vest in reddish leather with black straps; a trenchcoat; at least one hat; and armored riot gear; have also been seen. There are two types of spacesuit or environmental suit, one is armored and worn by Prowler pilots; another, more general version with white piping. The large number of uniform variations seem to indicate that officers may be allowed leesay in their uniforms, and may be responsible for having them made.

Technicians are generally non-military personnel and wear an olive-brown uniform. Technicians such as bridge or medical personnel wear cloth uniforms with black shoulders and sleeves, and a colored rectangle down the front from below the chest to the waist. Colors observed include scarlet, chartreuse, and bluegray.

Peacekeeper cadets (children and teens) wear less formal uniforms, similar to the technician’s black and colored cloth uniform.

Peacekeepers wear their hair either in a short, stiff queue braid, gathered at the base (nape) of the neck, or close-cropped in a crew cut, or bald. Other styles and colors seem to be allowed for technicians and medical personnel. Several types of warpaint or tattoos have been seen on PK commandos. These markings may be simply personal body decoration, or they may have religious, ethnic, local, or military meanings.

Above: pk-unif-m01.png through pk-unif-f06.png; Shows some variations on the uniform of a Peacekeeper officer. One variant shown has a scarlet or vermilion upper half and black otherwise. Men’s and Women’s versions are shown.

NOTE: Replace with improved version! ~ Expect these to be entirely redrawn for greater realism. Dark gray has been used rather than black. The improved version will correct this. The images do not appear to have exported with proper transparency. It may just be a display artifact.

Needed: Illustrations of various other uniforms, among them a PK Tech uniform (Gilina’s coverall / jumpsuit), bridge technician’s uniform.

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