Robby’s Adventures

Robby sure has a very vivid imagination. But some of it seems so real. Share the adventures and unlock the mystery as Robby and others enter a land where dreams are real.

Kidz-n-Cats 18inch / 45cm dolls and similar scale BJD figures.

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Robby’s Adventures ~ 001
Robby arrives at a new home, but everything is strange.
Robby’s Adventures ~ 002
Robby has a day to play outside, and a night to sleep inside, if he can.
Robby’s Adventures ~ 003
Robby has an outer space adventure! To commemorate the anniversary of the first manned moon landing on .


SOON! Sizes for Kidz n Cats Dolls
Sizes for Kidz n Cats Dolls
KnC-000 ~ Doll Information
KnC-000 ~ Doll Information