Robby’s Adventures ~ 001

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A future update will include both English and German.

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Robby’s Adventures are just beginning and his story keeps growing. There will be further episodes, once I get a little more planned and written out.

Knuffingen International Airport, Germany: Knuffingen is a fictional city in Germany, located “near” (in) the Miniatur Wunderland exhibit in Hamburg. The exhibit features miniature scale-model trains, an airport, buildings, people, and much more. So it seemed like the perfect place for Robby to depart for the USA.

Robby is Robert, a Edition Kidz n Cats 18 inch (~46cm) boy doll made by Heart n Soul in Berlin, Germany and in China, and designed by Sonja Hartmann.

I will have more about Robby as I get familiar with him. He’s terrific!

Robert (Robby) arrives!
knc_0549.png Size( 25%): 122 × 165 px; Size(100%): 488 × 660 px;
Robby looks around. The yard (and fence) need lots of work.
knc_0551.png Size( 25%): 117 × 232 px; Size(100%): 470 × 929 px;
Robby looks around the the back yard.
knc_0552.png Size( 25%): 105 × 224 px; Size(100%): 422 × 899 px;
It looks a little better over there.
knc_0553.png Size( 25%): 98 × 202 px; Size(100%): 394 × 811 px;
Robby sits down, waves, and says hi.
knc_0554.png Size( 25%): 216 × 288 px; Size(100%): 864 × 1152 px;
Robby talks about the trip by train and then the big plane ride. It was really big!
knc_0558.png Size( 25%): 119 × 178 px; Size(100%): 476 × 715 px;
Robby made a train trip to the airport at Knuffingen, Germany. Then the plane flew to the United States for a stopover before it got here.
knc_0559.png Size( 25%): 216 × 288 px; Size(100%): 864 × 1152 px;
Robby is not sure if all his things got here. He says it’s nice here, but he’s a little worried about his belongings.
knc_0561.png Size( 25%): 216 × 288 px; Size(100%): 864 × 1152 px;
Robby is too hot. He arrived dressed for much colder weather! He says he thinks his suitcases shrank!
knc_0562.png Size( 25%): 288 × 216 px; Size(100%): 1152 × 864 px;
Here is Robby without his hoodie jacket on. His red long-sleeved t-shirt and long-sleeved plaid shirt are still too hot.
knc_0563.png Size( 25%): 288 × 216 px; Size(100%): 1152 × 864 px;
Robby asks if it is always this hot in the summertime. Yes, it’s usually hotter! He asks if he can change into play clothes for summer. Sure! That would be more comfortable.
knc_0564.png Size( 25%): 288 × 216 px; Size(100%): 1152 × 864 px;
Robby says he feels just like a penguin, all wrapped up. You mean like this penguin? Hey! There he is! His penguin buddy arrived safe and sound and has been waiting for him.
knc_0565.png Size( 25%): 185 × 192 px; Size(100%): 742 × 771 px;
His penguin gets an extra big hug for being such a cool guy.
knc_0566.png Size( 25%): 181 × 189 px; Size(100%): 726 × 756 px;
Robby waves and says thanks for his penguin. Also, we removed a wrapper from around Robby’s neck. Much better.
knc_0567.png Size( 25%): 171 × 171 px; Size(100%): 686 × 686 px;
Oh, that is much cooler! Much better! But Robby, you should be dressed in more than your boxers and socks! (Robby’s full outfit is really good quality.)
knc_0568.png Size( 25%): 183 × 192 px; Size(100%): 732 × 771 px;
Robby’s penguin is super happy to be here, even if it is hot. The penguin, suitcases, and basketball have been around a while. They are in the right scale for each other. The penguin is a really little Ty’s Beanie Baby I got a few years ago, cheap. His tummy needs more stuffing.
knc_0569.png Size( 25%): 288 × 216 px; Size(100%): 1152 × 864 px;
At last! Robby is dressed to play for the summer. He’s wearing shorts and a tee and sandals.
knc_0570.png Size( 25%): 216 × 288 px; Size(100%): 864 × 1152 px;
Robby wants to play football now. Robby, we call that soccer here. Robby says he always gets American and English and German all mixed up. He says the blue football, eh, soccer ball, looks funny. „Würdst du der Fußball mit mir gespielen, bitte?“ “Robby, sprechst du Englisch, bitte. Ich spreche Deutsch nicht so gut jetzt.” Robby giggles at the funny-sounding American speaking German. “I said, would you play football, I mean, soccer, with me? Please?” „Ja voll, mein klein Freund Robby! Spielen wir!“
knc_0572.png Size( 25%): 216 × 288 px; Size(100%): 864 × 1152 px;

Stay Tuned! Robby will have more adventures soon.

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