Robby’s Adventures ~ 002

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Here is Robby, ready to play. “Hallo, Robby! Hi, Robby!” Robby is wearing swim shorts. They are aqua-grey colored and black and white, all in a fun beach pattern. But where is the pool? “Your yard is kind of bare,” Robby says. “It’s only grass and a flower bed.” “Yes,” Ben says, “we had a drought here a few years ago. But now it is green again. Now it needs flowers, but it will take a while to do that.”
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“Oh,” Robby says. “OK. But where is the pool, so we can go swimming?” “I’m sorry, Robby, I don’t have a pool. But we can run through the sprinkler instead! It’s fun! Another time, maybe we can go to a pool.” “Oh, OK. I like sprinklers too,” Robby says.
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Much later, Robby is dry again. He had a great time outside, running through the sprinkler. It was so much fun, he forgot all about how hot it is here. Then they sat outside and ate some watermelon. But not too much! Ben said he didn’t want Robby to get a tummy ache from too much watermelon all at once. Now Robby puts on an aqua striped shirt. Ben says this color is also called cyan. (Sigh-ann.) Ben smiles because Robby has on stripes and patterned shorts, but this is no big deal, and they are at home anyway. Robby sees Ben smile and Robby says, “What? My shirt and my shorts! Aqua Blau, Blue. They go together! A nice lady made them! What’s so funny?” Ben reminds himself to get a solid shirt and solid shorts for Robby.
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Robby also tries on a lime green striped shirt made by another nice lady. Ben says they both look good and the shorts look good, but stripes and patterns look a little too busy. “What do you mean?” Robby asks. Ben says it is an adult idea about what colors and patterns go together, and not to worry about it. Robby says, “Yeah, adults are weird.” He grins and looks to see what Ben will do. Ben says Robby is very right! Adults are weird.
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Robby has had a busy day playing and now he’s ready for bed...almost! But Robby has a slight problem, you see, and he doesn’t want to seem like a little boy. He’s a big boy, of course! But...well, there’s something missing. It didn’t get shipped over to the States from his home back in Deutschland (that’s Germany) (say it, “Doitch-lahnt”). Robby misses it and wants it very much, but he doesn’t want to give away his embarassing secret and tell Ben about it.
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Even the beautiful quilted bedspread doesn’t help Robby feel better. Or does it? He puts away his laundry basket with his dirty clothes from playing today. He puts on his new penguin pajamas. They are funny, because it is so hot here. But he still misses his favorite thing. So he wraps the beautiful quilt around him. That helps a little. He feels a little better now. But he still wishes he had his cuddly companion from back home. His penguin friend is also cuddly, but he is asleep already nearby.
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Robby tries holding the quilt around him another way, but aw, it’s no good. Robby still misses his cuddly companion to make everything all right. It sure feels strange and different here in America, even though Robby is an American boy, with American parents, he lived in Germany and all over everywhere, all around the world. But he does not remember his own country, and it all feels very strange to him.
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Robby has been busy in his room, looking for something. Ben comes in and asks Robby what he’s looking for and why he is still up. Robby only says he’s missing something and needs to find it before he can go to sleep. “What does it look like, Robby? Maybe I can help you find it,” Ben says.
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“Well, it’s for my friend, you see,” Robby says. "It’s very soft and nice and cuddly, so he can sleep.” “Oh, I see,” Ben says, “your penguin pal is right over here, fast asleep.” “Yes, and I love him, but it’s not for him, you see,” Robby says. “It’s for my friend! So he can sleep!” “Oh, now I think I understand,” Ben says. Ben has an idea. “Wait here a minute, Robby. I think I saw something your friend might like.”
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Robby looks very worried while Ben is in the other room looking for something. Robby does not know how to tell Ben what he needs. He does not want to seem like a cry-baby or a little boy in front of Ben, now that he is living here. Robby hears Ben opening doors and looking for something here and there. What is Ben doing? How will Robby tell him? It is all so different here, and Robby is a very sad boy right now. He wishes he could be back home with his mom and dad, but now, he knows he must live here with Ben, because Robby’s mom and dad are gone. Ben is his parents’ friend, but Robby cannot remember him, even though he knows Ben and his parents talked and emailed sometimes.
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Robby sees what Ben has brought. It is soft and nice and warm and very cuddly. It is not the companion he had back home, but it is almost perfect. It is what Robby wants. Ben says, “We are still unpacking, and a few boxes and things aren’t here yet. I hope they will all be here soon for you. Meanwhile, is this something like what your friend was looking for?” Robby smiles excitedly, “Oh, yes, thank you! Danke schön! Thank you very much!” Ben smiles too. “You’re very welcome. Many years ago, I had a friend who needed his blanket too.”
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And here it is! Robby holds his new security blanket close to him and everything seems OK again. The blanket is old and cuddly and soft, just like Robby likes it. There is even an old, faded tag and frayed places. It is a dark blue, not light like his old one. But this will do nicely. “Danke schön, Ben, danke! I mean, thank you very much!” Ben smiles, “Bitte schön, Robby, you’re very welcome.”
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Robby holds the blanket and snuggles with it a little. It feels very good. The blanket is soft like his old one. It smells nice, but different. It is likable. Robby smiles and looks very sleepy. “Good night, Ben,” Robby says.
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Robby climbs in bed and Ben tucks him in while Robby lets out a huge yawn. Robby is very sleepy now. He curls up with his new blanket, but he won’t suck his thumb, at least not while Ben sees him, because Robby is too big for that now. “Guten nacht, Robby, good night.” Ben says. Ben smiles and turns out the light and leaves the bedroom door open a little bit so they can hear each other. Ben is pretty sure Robby might still want to suck his thumb, just like Robby didn’t want to tell about his blanket. But that’s OK, because Ben remembers what it was like to be a little boy who wanted to be a big boy. “Schlafst gut, Robby, sleep well,” Ben whispers.
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It is a little while before Ben can go to bed. He has to do grownup things. Before he goes to bed, Ben checks in Robby’s room. He expects to see Robby sound asleep and happy. Here is the beautiful quilt, neatly back on the bed. But where is Robby? “Rob-byyy? Rob-byyy? Wo bist du? Where are you?”
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Robby shows up again. “It’s too hot!” Robby says. “I can’t wear my favorite flannel penguin pajamas.” (They are new, but they are now his favorite!) “I’m going to bed again,” Robby says. Ben looks up to see Robby. Ben is very surprised. Robby is wearing a funny long t-shirt that says, “I ♥ Jacob.” Robby doesn’t seem to know this might seem a little strange to some people. But the shirt is just the right size for Robby. Ben wonders where Robby got the shirt and much more importantly, “Robby? Who is Jacob?” Ben asks.
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