Robby’s Adventures ~ 003

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Robby has an outer space adventure! To commemorate the anniversary of the first manned moon landing on .

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“I saw them, I saw them!” Robby came running in. He was very excited. He had been to Space Center Houston and he was still very animated about it all.

“Who did you see?” Ben asked. He saw Robby was wearing his space shuttle astronaut jumpsuit.

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“Aliens! Space aliens!” Robby exclaimed, very sure of it.

“Oh, really?” Ben asked. “I haven’t seen any lately. What did I miss?”

Ben wasn’t about to miss out on the fun the boy was having. This ought to be good, he thought.

“But I did, I did see ’em!” Robby said. “For real, this time. Not like before.” Robby insisted. “I only thought I saw ’em before, but I didn’t. That was another time, when I really saw ’em.”

Robby sounded very certain, as if his running and talking in circles made perfect sense.

Ben decided not to spoil it. “So, what happened?”

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“There was this big, sparkly light, all kinds of colors all over the place!” Robby enthused.

Ben thought of the fireworks they’d seen for July 4th. “Mm-hmm, I see, go on.”

“It was all pretty and glowy and weird, up in the sky and everything,” Robby said.

Ben agreed with that. “Then what?”

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“Then there was this little green guy, and he was all glowy and humming this tune.”


Ben thought that sounded very familiar, like an old movie tune, but he listened.

Ben reminded himself to see what else Robby might know about music, whether he sang or played an instrument.

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Robby said, “The little glowy guy was sure surprised to see Commander Robby.”

“Green Cheese and Whiskers! What are you doing here, Earthling? Only he said it in this really funny space alien voice.”

“You’re not supposed to be here!” Robby said, imitating the alien’s buzzing voice.

“You haven’t even been to Mars yet!” Robby again imitated the little green being.

“We’ve got to send you back home right away, before you make any more trouble for the galaxy!”

“So then he sent me back home, only now I’m here instead. I think he goofed!” Robby’s enthusiasm turned into a sad little look.

Ben hugged Robby, “I think he must have put you the next best place he could, Robby. I know you miss your home and family, but I am glad you’re here with me.”

Ben thought it might be a long time before Robby could work things out. At least he’d accepted returning here.

“Besides,” Ben said, “That little green buddy did pretty well to get you back to Earth in the right time and place. If he got you all the way across the galaxy. If you see him again, thank him for me. I’m glad you got back here.”

“OK, but you believe me though, right? I really saw them!”

Ben said, “I believe you believe it, and that’s good enough for me.”

Ben thought it was more important to let Robby know he had a friend and a place where he was welcome, than to doubt a little imagination or spoil a little fun, or a boy’s need to understand a confusing world.

Just then the lights dimmed like they did sometimes in a storm, and the computer sounded a few odd notes, before they continued on.

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Robby and his little green buddy and his big human buddy Ben would all like to wish you a happy anniversary of the first manned moon landing on .

Once upon a time, there was a little boy in footie pajamas with a blanket, who got to stay up very, very late to see the astronauts land.

From that boy and the man he grew up to be, we wish for a return to the sense of wonder and the great curiosity to see what is on the next marble from the sun, and the next, and the next.

Once upon a time, people all over the world knew what it was to dream a big dream of walking among the stars, and they knew they could make it a reality.

Let’s make some more dreams come true. Let’s walk among the stars again, for real.

Stay Tuned! Robby will have more adventures soon.

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