wb023 Augie Meets New Friends

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This was going to be a very bland introduction, but something about the photos struck me that it could be interpreted more than one way. I decided to give Augie and the two new boys a more complicated, uncertain start, to show a more life-like relationship and how things can still work out. There is also a little mystery going on that gives a hint at the possibilities in the Toy Box Tales.

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Augie (center) welcomes Finn (left) and a new boy (right) with an arm around their shoulders.

We aren’t yet ready to tell the Toy Box Tales, so this is an introduction, a slight critique, and a micro-story.

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The boys line up for an action scene or a song.

Augie (center) is a 23cm Obitsu boy.

The new boy (left) is a 21cm Obitsu boy. The difference seems to be their arm and leg length, but I have not yet checked other measurements. They can share clothes.

The new boy has an Aki head from Obitsu, which will fit 21cm, 23cm, and 27cm bodies. He is very poseable and makes a good shorter or younger friend for Augie, Zeke, and crew.

He doesn’t yet have eyes in or a faceup. I need to do these this summer. Actually, he arrived last year.

Finn (right) is the boy doll in the Lottie dolls line. He is ~7.5in ~18cm tall. He has knee joints hidden in the leg but not elbow joints. He is rubbery and has trouble keeping a pose or standing.

However, this little guy is intended as a friendly, peaceful role model for boys to play with. He isn’t into guns and violence and has a more realistic boyish body, rather than a hyper-masculine look. Finn comes with a kite, which is cool but a puzzling play accessory. I will need to rig a thread or wire so Finn can go fly a kite.

Finn will be appearing occasionally as a guest star or supporting cast member in the Toy Box Tales.

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Now the guys seem a little unsure what to do.

In the doll world, not having your eyes or hair on doesn’t seem to be a social stigma.

The new boy’s white coverall jumpsuit is from Parabox Obitsu. Doll clothes for the 21cm and 23cm dolls, especially boys, are hard to find!

I am finding that Finn’s eyes, painted to look to his left always, make interactions look unusual. But I don’t have a strong urge to repaint them (yet).

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Finn seems unsure enough to want to go, and the new boy either wants him to stay or is hurrying him away. Augie crosses his arms, unhappy and cross that there is an upset. He wants Finn to stay and doesn’t want the new boy to make Finn uncomfortable. But Augie hasn’t stepped in to say much, and doesn’t seem to know he needs to step up.

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But now what’s happened? Finn is stepping up for whatever is going on, and he’s making the new boy and Augie listen and take notice. And it looks like the two older boys are not too happy with themselves. There is more to Finn than meets the eye. Now it’s up to the new boy, and Augie, to work out their differences.

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The three boys sit down and talk together in a very animated discussion. It looks like they’re going to make friends after all. But Finn has to get back home quick, because it’s getting ready to rain!

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Augie waves goodbye to Finn, but the new boy seems glum or unmoved, or at least pensive. Augie wonders what is going on with the new boy.

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(Later.) What’s this? The new boy is walking with a little droid, R5-D4. But how can that be? This isn’t the droid you’re looking for. There aren’t even any real droids in our world, just primitive robots. The mystery deepens.... Or maybe it’s your imagination, playing Jedi mind tricks on you.

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And now the new boy shows up, still without his eyes or hair on, but wearing Augie’s (and Zeke’s) shorts and t-shirt and red sneakers.

Augie seems unable to believe it, that the new boy would get into his things and borrow them without asking, but the new boy is staying for a while.

Augie has a dilemma. What will he do? And what is going on with this abrupt new boy? Stay tuned....